Template Customisation

We offer high quality template customisation services. With our professional template customisation service you will receive a unique website "tuned" to suit your business. All you need is to choose a website template from the huge collection on this site and get a Free Quote. Once you have submitted the quote request a project manager will contact you to discuss the details.

Our rates are most reasonable and turnaround time is usually between one to two weeks. This depends on the complexity of the customisation work that you order. A basic customisation order might include adding your existing logo, changing colours, editing menu items and creating pages. A more complex customisation order usually includes the before-mentioned plus designing a brand new logo and either installing Wordpress or a bespoke Content Management System.


Project ManagerAll of the web templates on this site are fully customisable. You can see some of our work on our Client Sites page.

Here are some typical items that small business owners request from our project managers:

Header area:
- Changing images in the header.
- Adding customer's logo and company name in the header.
- Adding customer's photos or images to the JavaScript or Flash animation in the header.
- Adding or removing a button or section, i.e. newsletter subscription box.
- Changing menu names, or removing or adding menu items.
- Editing menu rollover effects or colours.

Content area:
- Changing images under the header.
- Resizing or combining text content areas.
- Inserting customer's own content to template body.
- Creating paginated pages.

Logo design:
- Creating a new corporate identity and logo.

- Contact form scripting.
- Creating search feature.

Content Management:
- Installing Wordpress.
- Installing Wordpress add-ons and plugins (for SEO, video, image gallery, calendar, Youtube and Twitter feed and many more).
- Bespoke content management system setup.

- Replacing Flash content with JavaScript animation for faster downloading.
- Creating JavaScript based galleries and image popup viewers.

There are too many items to list here as each project is unique. But the above provides an idea of the type of template customisation you might want to order.

The costs vary depending on your requirements. But it would be fair to say that a customised template with Wordpress as the content management tool installed on your server usually costs below $1000. That's a fully working website using Wordpress and the bells and whistles (plugins and widgets) required to make your site unique, i.e. not look like a standard blog.

We can also offer our own own content management system built in PHP, plus the template design and other changes usually costs below $2000.

All of our work is 100% satisfaction guaranteed. This means that if we take your project we will deliver it to your full satisfaction.

Why choose Web Templates?

The advantage of working with Web Templates is that we listen to your needs and will work with your to create a website that you want, and not what the designer wants you to have. We are very familiar with template customisation work having done several such custom projects already. Here are some additional pluses why working with us is such a delight:

- Our rates are much lower than prices found at web design studios or freelance designers.

- Customer can select the type of template she or he likes from thousands high-quality and pre-designed web templates. No need to battle with a web designer who knows 'your business' better than you.

- We provide great sales support via chat and email. Once you become a customer you will also be able to contact your project manager via telephone.

- We work fast but not to the point of cutting corners. Rather than focusing on speed, we focus on quality and "pixel perfection".

- We don't just hand you the files. We make sure your site is live online and your emails and contact forms are working. We really offer a full turnkey solution.

- We can also recommend domain registration and web hosting services.

It's really easy to get started. Find a suitable template and get a Free Quote. We'll handle the rest!